Sustainable Economic Development Solutions was created to provide strategic planning services for communities, chambers of commerce and other organizations interested in growing their local economy.  The economic development industry is moving toward a more holistic approach to growth based upon sustainable concepts and social capacity building in addition to traditional economics.  Our sustainable approach to economic development strategic planning employs the triple bottom line concept as its underpinning.  This incorporates social and environmental concerns in addition to conventional financial considerations.

Sustainable economic growth in communities is no longer an either/or proposition between financial success and preserving environmental resources.  Sustainability also doesn’t end with environmental issues, it also must incorporate social values to address the needs of all people in the community.  Our purpose is to include consideration of social and environmental impact as co-equal elements of the economic development process, along with classic economic factors. We endeavor to change the way communities think about achieving economic development goals and develop integrated strategies around this approach.

Our experience in strategizing and delivering local economic development programs in small to mid-sized communities and the direct experience of the principal as a local elected official provide a unique level of expertise in addressing community concerns.   One of the very few Certified Economic Developers (CEcD) in the South Florida marketplace, the economic development perspective of founder Vin Nolan is informed by his long-term interaction with national and global thought leaders on economic development.  While others still operate in the old paradigm of economic development focused entirely on business attraction with success defined by capital investment and job creation metrics, Nolan determined that this was the time for a paradigm shift.  All of this culminates in the unique approach of Sustainable Economic Development Solutions employing Triple Bottom Line concepts, creating economic growth, socially responsible policies and high regard for environmental concerns and factors.