Sustainable Economic Development Solutions was created to shift the paradigm in economic development planning away from traditional land use planning models of economic development focused on highest and best use, toward a sustainable approach defined by community stakeholders, elected officials and private sector investors.  Our outlook counsels consideration of broader environmental concerns for long-term sustainability and the needs of existing residents seeking greater economic opportunity.

Sustainable Economic DevelopmentCompany founder Vin Nolan has been a community volunteer, advocate and leader for many years.  Having worked in the financial service industry for more than twenty years as a manager and business owner, and having served as an elected official for over a decade, he merged his passions for business and government into a vocation in economic development.  In multiple communities in Connecticut and Florida, Vin honed his expertise in designing successful economic development strategies for small and medium sized communities.  While performing these roles he concluded that the economic challenges of small communities are decidedly different than those faced by larger cities.  Available resources and corresponding options for growing small local economies require a different perspective and unique strategies.

Through his interaction with other economic development professionals at IEDC, Vin encountered a relatively new tool for economic development project analysis, utilizing a “triple bottom line” methodology.  The triple bottom line approach in business has been developing for some time, but its use as a strategic planning tool for communities had yet to evolve.  Nolan concluded that it was time to move local economic development strategic planning to a new and sustainable model that would help communities go beyond basic concerns for new investment, tax base growth and simple job creation as goals. With that, Sustainable Economic Development Solutions was born!