Most communities recognize that they must grow their local economy to be “successful”.  They need to create employment opportunities for their residents and profit opportunities for their businesses. Success and growth often come with corresponding costs that are not universally accepted by constituents as acceptable.  In some areas, the absolute need for growth is not understood by all stakeholders, while others are not prepared to sustain growth without  sacrificing community aesthetic, values or resources.  The triple bottom line approach gives communities the opportunity to plan for and achieve growth, while giving appropriate consideration to the things that matter to those not as concerned with the financial bottom line.  A triple bottom line oriented strategic plan becomes an acceptable path to economic growth.

social economic and environmental development

The strategic planning services provided by Sustainable Economic Development Solutions differ from those offered by other economic development consultants in our use of the triple bottom line methodology. While there are any number of experienced economic development professionals in the marketplace there are none actively promoting triple bottom line strategic planning as their focus. The growing demand for communities to provide for social and environmental concerns in addition to traditional growth strategies is the next evolution of economic development strategy.


Vin Nolan, the Principal, has the designation of CEcD from the International Economic Development Council which required an extensive amount of up front education as well as continued learning for recertification. Furthermore, as a local elected official, with legislative and budgetary experience, Nolan understands the challenges that small and mid-sized communities face given that local leaders must solve current budget shortfalls yet need to be challenged to plan beyond the next budget or election cycle.