Communities are feeling more pressure to deal with the social and environmental concerns of their population than ever before. While most small to medium size towns have the need for community economic growth, our ideal client also has a positive orientation toward environmental stewardship and a genuine concern for overall community satisfaction. Frequently these communities will have broadly defined goals that reference improving economic opportunity, but lack a strategic plan for achieving those goals.

Our ideal client is:

  • a small to medium sized community (population 7,500 to 90,000).
  • a chamber or economic development organization (EDO) with a desire to improve economic prosperity and quality of life.
  • a place committed to economic growth but looking for external expertise on how to attain that growth.
  • a smaller community experiencing pressure to overbuild due to diminishing land assests and the need for new tax revenue, while concurrently facing potential opposition from residents satisfied with the status quo.
  • a community needing employment opportunity for their diverse population, including  resources to remediate job skill deficiencies.
  • a community, chamber, or EDO with concern for environmental resources (energy, water, developable land, etc.) and a willingness to acknowledge that environmental conditions (particularly sea level rise) are likely to change and should be considered.