Strategic Planning Services:

Our primary service involves the facilitation of economic development strategic plans for small cities, towns and non-urban counties, as well as Chambers of Commerce and other business organizations functioning as economic development organizations (EDOs). We begin a traditional analytical process of economic development, including a basic SWOT analysis of local community resources, an in-depth look at existing infrastructure and existing market drivers as well as the community leadership commitment to economic growth.

Here we diverge from traditional economic development structures and begin to look at issues that impact the sustainability of a community’s economic prospects.  We engage in a community conversation that identifies the personality of the community … its willingness to grow … and at what cost.   There is no correct answer. Each community must define its unique answer to the serious question of how important the environment and environmental resources are to their community. Concurrently and of equal importance, our process endeavors to define social considerations in the community to create strategies to address issues of social concern that will vary from community to community.

In some cases this will involve preserving community identity, in others it may be concern for environmental resources, while in others it will be creating new economic opportunity for those previously disenfranchised.  At Sustainable Economic Development Solutions, our outlook on sustainability goes well beyond the simplicity of deploying “green” practices.  Sustainability means that all facets of the community will benefit from overall economic growth and that the prospect for that economic growth will continue from generation to generation.

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