Vin Nolan Economic DevelopmentVin Nolan is the founder and principal consultant of Sustainable Economic Development Solutions.  He created this unique strategic planning practice following nearly two decades as a local economic development professional working in small cities and towns.  The unique nature of the strategic planning services offered by Nolan and his firm are based upon his years of local service and his recognition of the need for communities to have an economic development plan that goes beyond simple job creation and capital investment.  He created Sustainable Economic Development Solutions to promote a triple bottom line approach to strategic planning for communities’ economic prosperity.   Vin’s association with other global economic development professionals through the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) first introduced him to triple bottom line thinking in economic development as a project-based analysis tool.  His years of experience in small communities struggling to balance their need for growth with the desire to preserve their history, culture, environment and quality of life, made Vin recognize the need for a strategic planning approach that each community could utilize to define their own triple bottom line outcomes.

Nolan previously served as the Economic Development Director for The City of Delray Beach and the Delray Beach CRA.  In his time in Delray Beach, Vin atively engaged with the business community through the Chamber of Commerce and other community organizations.  He utilized existing CRA  incentive programs recruit new business to Delray Beach and to retain and grow existing businesses.  He subsequently developed a strategy for the reinvention of the city’s tired Congress Avenue business corridor as the Delray Beach Innovation Corridor.  Nolan also developed and successfully implemented new incentive programs to recruit business to that area.

Prior to accepting the Delray Beach role, Nolan served as the Economic Development Supervisor for the Town of New Milford, CT.  There he filled a broad economic development role including working with main street merchants, manufacturers, big-box retailers, developers of all types and farming entities.  Successes included the creation of a Development Services Team to assist business; shepherding the expansion of the town wastewater treatment plant through bond authorization; assisting a major manufacturer in approval of a co-generation power facility; and facilitating the approval of a major retail development in spite of the economic downturn.

Earlier career positions included serving as a special senatorial assistant in the CT General Assembly and as the first Executive Director of the Meriden Business & Learning Center, a job training center and business incubator in the City of Meriden, CT.

In addition to serving on numerous Chamber of Commerce boards and committees, Nolan has been an executive committee member on the Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board in Connecticut and was a Vice President and Director of the Connecticut Economic Development Association.  Nolan also held elective office for a decade in the City of Danbury, CT, where he was a Board of Education member, a member of the City Council and ultimately President of the City Council.

The CEcD behind his name indicates that Vin is certified as an economic developer by the International Economic Development Council (the highest professional standard in economic development).   Vin also holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance & Investments from Babson College and completed the Economic Development Certification program offered by the Oklahoma University Economic Development Institute (OU/EDI).